Let’s take this outside

I am not quite sure why the weather around here has decided to be so ridiculous, but it has. It’s the middle of April and we’re still supposed to be expecting snow for at least another two days. I had to brush the snow off my car far too much for spring.

If it doesn’t start being actual spring soon, I’m going to have to start taping large pictures of spring scenes across my windows so I can pretend it’s nice out. And then never leave my house until all of the snow is gone.

But with my window cracked I can at least pretend it’s spring. We have a ton of birds around here, and when it’s not geese squawking around then it’s a little easier to pretend you can see the grass and the sun. (When the geese fly by it’s just a reminder of how terrifying geese are. There is no reason for a bird to chase a person through a park but they still do it anyway, all the time, without question. Not okay geese.)

But spring can feel free to get here as soon as possible. I don’t like pretending.


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