Things that aren’t okay in a professional setting (or why I hate my job)

  • I’m pretty sure my boss has it out for me.
  • Like really. She’s treating me beyond poorly, focusing all of her bad energy on me for no apparent reason.
  • It really harshes my mellow.
  • Also it’s not really appropriate to treat someone differently in the workplace just because you don’t like them.
  • Judge me on my work, not your personal opinion of me.
  • Kay thanks.

not only that, but also:

  • Some of my older managers do not understand that my name is “Liz.”
  • It’s not baby, or babe, sweetie, sweetheart, honey, pretty girl, or anything else.
  • It’s Liz.

And then there’s the kicker:

  • The dress code there is that everyone must wear ties.
  • This wouldn’t be a problem if it only was to make sure everyone looked the same, because that’s the point of a uniform.
  • But here’s misogyny in action: it’s because someone in corporate thinks menswear is more professional than womenswear.
  • (I’m not even joking. It’s in the official printed dress code.)
  • Because saying menswear is more professional than womenswear, that it is more indicative of a “business professional” look, they’re effectively saying that the traditional (and very, very wrong) belief that men are more professional than women is correct.
  • Also my store director said I didn’t look professional and then told me to buy mens pants and to stop at a “big and tall” store.
  • the term is plus size.
  • and I can buy clothes at Target, thank you very much.
  • So basically, my workplace is a function of the patriarchy.

Misogyny in action, everyone.


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