It’s that time of the year again

Once again I find myself at the end of the semester, entirely unable to catch a bus on time and wishing I had a new bike instead of my old mountain bike with a bent wheel that I haven’t bothered to try and fix since fall of 2011.

It’s the same every year. Like clockwork. The 7:08 bus turns into rushing to catch the train at 8:30 because I am about to cross the street when the bus whizzes by.

I think the only thing getting me through the rest of the semester is the promise of not having to wake up at 6 after working until 12.

That and a trip to Milwaukee in a few weeks. Somehow I got my mother to agree to get Arianna and me a cheap hotel room for the night. It may have been slightly manipulative of me but I don’t particularly want to drive all the way across Wisconsin to the cities at two in the morning.

I mean, I don’t particularly want to drive across Wisconsin in the middle of the day either, but it’s a necessary evil. (Although if more people/things came around Minneapolis/St. Paul it would be an entirely unnecessary evil.) I can only handle being in Wisconsin for so long before I need to get back to the cities and my own state.

But I suppose none of that matters because right at this moment, the sun is finally shining and my giant term papers are finished and turned in, and it’s a glorious thing to know I’m almost done. (For a few months, anyway.)


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